Sucess Story

Our success story emanated in Agra and radiated by the ‘Taj Group Of Hotels’ & ‘Jai Mahal Group Of Hotels’, in Jaipur. The Pink city has always been a very profound host to us for more than 10 years.

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Our Chats

Being an Indian, a plate of spicy luscious chat with a decorous ambiance is never a bad idea. We assure you to give a taste and gusto of your choice for rejoicing the real perfume of consumables.

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Our Upcoming Platters

Introducing something new has always been a unique wow to the society. Explore our creative apricots and find yourself out of the conventional taste trends. Grace your special events with these Platters.

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“Good food and good hygiene provides better health and better shining.”

R-Food & Beverages heartily welcomes you at our official website. Probe our contents and explore our gallery to find the taste of your choice with the beautifully bedizened dishes. Count on us and we promise you to add best and most unique taste trends to your vivacious ceremonies.

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Scout our fragility!

Start your ordinary day with the heavenly dappled extra ordinary victuals. Take a delicious tour to unbeatable flavors having the distinctive verve of awesomeness by various countries.

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Most Summoned Serves

Want to experience a real vivacity of Indian victuals?

Here we present you the most frequently asked stomach full of delicacy and edibleness. Nourish your health and tongue buds with our specialties.

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Fabulous Fast Foods

A trendy food for a better mood!

We have always our heads up to be recognized as a foremost destination to ask any kind of deliciousness. You may enjoy the complete tang of fast food with the most promising hygiene.

Let’s take a foodie voyage to the grocery of R-Food and Beverages. We are proud of our Dish-Ups and ambidextrous hands.

Get a quick tour to the food from all the four directions. We care for your health to the best of genuineness.

Fast Food has now become an everyday essential meal. Trust our serves and get the complete satisfaction of your hygiene.

From children to adults, everybody wishes to get into the tangy taste of these victuals. Introduce these tangs to your purpose.

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